Food and Drink Down Under

Food and drink are on my mind tonight as it has been a day full of food.

BBQ, Barbie, Australia, Australian BarbieFor lunch today we had a company barbie as the CEO of our company was visiting from Germany.

Here I have a couple snags from the barbie on my plate along with some potato and pasta salad.

Original lemon, solo, Australian drink, soda, Lemon Soda

I also had a can of Solo this morning in the classroom. I have been cheating on my no soda diet while here in Australia as I really like the taste of Solo. There is nothing quite like it back home. Solo has a nice strong lemon flavor.

Lift Lemon Soda, Hard Hitting Lemon, Made with Bite

While here I have also had a can of Lift, which is the competitor to Solo. Hard Hitting Lemon made with Bite. It is definitely a nice drink to have.

Iced tea, Australia, Food and Drink, Not Iced TeaI did get back on program a bit at dinner with a nice glass of iced tea. Unfortunately, Australian restaurants really do not know how to make a good iced tea.

Steak and Potatoes, Sirloin, Ribs and Rumps, SteakFor dinner tonight we went to Ribs and Rumps. I had a nice 250g sirloin with some mashed potatoes.

At least I have done some exercise yesterday and today to help burn some of the extra calories.

I had planned on a lot of walking this weekend, but with the temperatures forecast to be 105 degrees this will probably not happen. Still determining how to beat the heat.



2 responses to “Food and Drink Down Under

  1. Enjoy “down under” and keep blogging!

  2. You’ve got some dead horse on your snag! Bonza, mate!

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