Mid December Stat Slump

For the past week my blog stats have been slumping. I wondered if maybe I just wasn’t writing anything worth reading, but new post views are about normal and I have written a few things worth reading.

Santa Claus, Triplets, Christmas FunMy Gift Exchange III post had had a little higher than normal views, but maybe it is because of this cute picture of me holding triplets.

Tell es-Sultan - Walls of Jericho - Joshua - Walls Come Tumbling Down - Rahab - HarlotMy Walls of Jericho post is still cranking out daily views and is approaching a major milestone.

Knee of a dromedary camelA post I wrote about Camel Knees has also been trending. Steventon Church, Jane Austen, Hampshire, RectorA post I wrote about Jane Austen this week is also generating some traffic, but not much.

National Geographic, Coke, Santa, AdvertisementHoliday themed posts though seem to lag a bit behind. Mainly because there is an abundance of similar posts out there.

Posts like Santa, Coca-Cola and National Geographic get lost in the holiday traffic. However, a post like this may show up next November as people start searching for holiday ideas.

I did go back and look at blog stats for previous years. There have been mid-December stat slumps for the past four years.

Many people are busy shopping, whether it be on-line or in stores, watching bowl games, getting ready for the holidays, traveling, etc.. They are simply not searching for the things that I normally share in my blog.

I just have to be patient. The stats will pick up again after Christmas when people are trying out their new devices 🙂


p.s. I am finally just about over what ailed me earlier this week. Losing almost nine pounds in two days was not fun. See: Sick Day


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1 Response to Mid December Stat Slump

  1. Sorry, my online friend! We like weight loss, but not from being sick. Probably most of your ideas on a drop in stats, were true. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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