Friday Memory Chain

This week has been a long week. I have had many meetings at work, two work dinners and have also been helping my parents with information for a trip during the evenings. So, tonight I am tired out and will share a few images from a chain of memories that have been in my mind.

Leeland Vandeveer, Vandeveer Singers, Leland and MernaMy parents are in Wisconsin today for the Celebration of Life for Leland Vandeveer. See my post: Family Friends VIII – Leland Vandeveer

I have followed several memory chains this week as I have thought of his parents and other people from the church where my father preached in Ashland, Kansas.

Old Barn, Rome Wisconsin, Orsamus Braman, Family HistorySince my parents are in Wisconsin they also plan to visit Rome, Wisconsin where my great-great grandfather was born. The log shed here was built by my 3rd great grandfather Orsamus Braman. See my posts: A Visit to Rome and A Visit to Rome II

I was able to visit the house where they lived when I visited there in 1999.

The land that he lived on was acquired in October of 1849 and was for serving in the War of 1812.

Orsamus Braman, Tombstone, Cemetery, Rome Wisconsin, GenealogyThe gravestone for Orsamus Braman is badly damaged, but hopefully they will be able to still find it when the visit the cemetery where he is buried. Isaac Braman Tombstone, Rome Wisconsin, 1826-1860My 3rd great grandfather Isaac Braman is also buried in the same cemetery. His widow moved to Chillicothe, Iowa near Ottumwa and later to Hamburg, Iowa.

Flag Pole in Intersection - Hamburg, IowaHamburg, Iowa makes me think of the flagpole in the middle of main street there.

Grandpa - Last Picture - Nursing Home - Shenandoah, Iowa - Memories - White beardI have also been thinking of my Grandpa Braman today. He lived in Hamburg, Iowa so the memory chain has come to him. The chain is extending, but I will share only to this point.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and are able to put together a chain of good memories.



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