Preparing to Vote

Election Day is almost here and Americans have been preparing to vote. Of course some have already voted in early voting. I personally like to wait and vote on the day of the election.

Of course we are all bombarded with many advertisements, but we also get official information from the government as well.

Sample Ballot, California, Elections, Presidential ElectionLast month I received a Sample Ballot and Voter Information Pamphlet in the mail.

There are a lot of selections on the ballot this year.

Of course, we get to vote for President. In California you have the choice of Gloria Estala La Riva, Donald J. Trump, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton. You can also vote for a write-in candidate, but only the votes for certified write-in candidates are counted. Here we have another five choices for President: Laurence Kotlikoff, Mike Maturen, Evan McMullen, Bernie Sanders and Jerry White

Yes, you can still vote for Bernie Sanders in California. This is also the case in all 50 states, so if you are a Democrat that can’t bring yourself to vote for Hillary you can still vote for Bernie.

We also get to elect a United States Senator and United States Representative.

At the State level we get to elect a State Senator and a Member of the State Assembly.

Sample Ballot, Muestra de Boleta, California Elections

There are also several school board races and local races for Mayor, Treasurer and Council Members.

There are also a large group of Measures on the ballot. One local measure to extend a sales tax and seventeen State Propositions!!

California General Election Voting Guide, 2016 Voting, CaliforniaI also received in the mail an Official  Voter Information Guide that covers all 17 of the State Propositions.

So what Propositions do we get to vote on in California?

The 224 page guide tells us all about them.


51 – School Bonds – 9 Billion dollars worth

52 – Hospital Fee Program

53 – Revenue Bonds over 2 Billion require voter approval

54 – Legislative bills require 72 hours of posting on internet before vote

55 – Extend a one time temporary tax on the rich to pay for education (temporary?)

56 – Cigarette tax increase of $2 per pack

57 – Parole for non-violent offenders

58 – English Proficiency in Schools

59 – Overturn Supreme Court ruling on political spending

60 – Whether Adult Film performers should have to wear condoms. Yes, we are actually voting on this. This will cost millions annually to enforce.

61 – Prescription Drug pricing standards

62 – Repeal Death Penalty

63 – Firearms and Ammunition restrictions

64 – Legalization of Marijuana

65 – Carryout bags

66 – Death Penalty Reform

67 – Ban on free plastic carry-out bags

I have a lot of reading to do before the election on  Tuesday 🙂

I Voted Sticker, Vote Sticker, Flag StickerThen it will be time to get my sticker.


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4 Responses to Preparing to Vote

  1. You can still vote for Bernie? Wow! He just might win then with all the drama surrounding the two main candidates.

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