An Eventful Day

I have had a very long and eventful day. It is a day that is book ended by two arrests. One that I witnessed and another that I heard news about.

The first event was just after midnight when while lying in bed reading I heard a horrendous squealing of tires and then a loud smashing sound from the next street over from mine.

I got up and put on some shoes, grabbed my phone and then headed out the door to see what had happened. A neighbor who lived closer was walking back and he said that a car had hit a tree. I asked him if anyone had call 911 and he said he did not know. I continued on to the scene of the crash and found out that no one had yet called.

Car Crash, Midnight crash, 911I called 911 and started giving them the information they needed while interviewing people who had been at the scene a bit longer than me. I found out that the driver and passenger had run off leaving the scene. The police arrived very quickly after my call while I was still on the phone. The driver of the car had returned to the scene and was taken into custody along with the passenger who was caught by one of the officers heading to the scene.

I went back home and tried to sleep, but was too keyed up so read about half a dozen chapters of my book before finally attempting to sleep.

Rain, Drought, California, Wed Day, RaindropsIn the morning I went out to get my newspapers and they had not been delivered yet. Unfortunately they were not delivered until after I left for work. By then they were nice and wet from the much needed rain that we received during the day. This picture is from last year, but it was nice to see my driveway wet from the rain when I got home.

Radar, California, Rain, Droght, ThunderstormsThis radar capture is also from last year, but it illustrates that we did have a lot of rain today. Our first big rain of the season, and I hope that it is the first of many this winter.

However, I am not sure if it was rain related but we lost power at work for more than an hour today. Luckily we have a backup generator to keep key departments running and our wifi was still working. I was able to keep working on an important project.

Altamont, Backset, sunset, storm clouds, California, green hillsWhile on the way home I received an e-mail notification that my brother had shared a link on my Facebook page. Of course this is always a stressful e-mail as you don’t know what was shared. Is it an embarrassing video that he posted to Youtube? You never know.

Liberal Kansas, Classmate, Terror SuspectWhen I got home I went on Facebook and found that the link was to an article about three men who were arrested and charged with domestic terrorism.

One of the men was well know to me as he was in my high school graduating class. I very well knew of his hateful and violent nature as I was bullied by him throughout high school.  I have forgiven him long ago for what he did to me and others of my family.

I am saddened that he has continued along this path in his life and thankful that he was stopped before carrying out the plans that his group was making. Can you imagine someone having a metric ton of ammunition in their home?

I went to school in a small town and have seen many posts about the event this evening from friends I went to school with. It is heavy news that we have to process.

Even though I did not get along with this man and do not approve of any of his actions, he is still in my prayers as he goes through this time. His family is also in my prayers as they deal with this news. He has a twin brother who also graduated with me and I am sure that he is taking this news very hard.



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2 Responses to An Eventful Day

  1. Craig F. says:

    Heavy news indeed, Steve. As you know, I WAS friends with him back then in spite of the fact that he flew his flag high, even then. Ah, the blinders of youth! No love lost between us in the last 30 years, but like you, I feel for Kevin. Great essay.

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