First Pictures with New Camera

I asked a friend at work what type of pictures should I take first with my new camera. See: Another New Camera

She said that since she always likes my flower pictures that I should take pictures of flowers.

When I got home that evening I decided to take her advice and took some pictures of my roses.

These are not the first pictures from the new camera to be used in my blog though. The pictures in Shy Little Kittens were all taken with the new camera.

Yellow rose, new camera, first pictures, flowersHere is a picture of one of my yellow roses. This is from the floribunda rose bush that I walk by every morning when I go out to pick up my newspaper.

Saint Patrick Rose Bush, Yellow rose, green rose, flowersHere is a closeup of a bloom on my St. Patrick rose bush. You can see the green tinge to the outer petals of the rose. I also like that the rose is a bit damaged by the heat, wind, and insects. It gives it a bit of character.

Green Rose, Yellow Rose, Hybrid Tea, Flowers, RosesHere is another view of a St. Patrick rose bloom. You can see the beautiful yellow center along with the outer petals with a green hue. I really like this rose bush.

St. Patrick Rose Bloom, Dried out rose, Parchment roseThe rose blooms on the St. Patrick will dry out while still on the rose bush. They can be really beautiful in their own way. I call them parchment roses.

new growth, rose bush, Mr. Lincoln Rose, new cameraHere is some new growth on my Mr. Lincoln rose bush. You can see some aphids on the new leaves. I also like the patterns in the older leaves.

Me, Self, I, Selfie, New Camera, selfie modeHere is a selfie taken with my new camera. The screen flips over so that you can see the screen when the lens is pointing at you. When you flip the screen over it automatically sets a shutter delay and has a countdown. I am sure it is really not designed for classic selfies, but rather for group pictures that you want to be in.

But, it works for selfies.

I hope you enjoyed these first pictures.


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