New Dead Sea Scrolls?

This week I have seen several articles about the possibility of new Dead Sea Scrolls having been found.

Tonight I will not write about these discoveries, but will provide a couple links to blog posts by my friend Luke Chandler.

25 New Dead Sea Scrolls (?) Revealed

The New “Dead Sea Scrolls” – Are They Real?

I will be simply sharing some pictures that I have taken that are related to the Dead Sea Scrolls. If you want to find out more about the recently revealed scrolls, click on the links above.

Qumran, Dead Sea Scrolls, Caves at Qumran, EssenesHere is one of the most recognizable views of the caves at Qumran. In the picture above is one of the entrances to Cave 4. This cave is the most famous of the 11 caves as more than 15,000 fragments and more than 100 scrolls were found there.

Qumran Cave 4, Dead Sea Scrolls, Scrolls, Fragments, Bible TextsHere is a closeup of the entrance of the cave. Here you can see some interesting detail of the rock layers and how they have weathered over time.

Dead Sea Caves, Qumran, Dead Sea Scrolls, Judean Hills, BARHere is the entrance to another one of the caves at Qumran.

Dead Sea, Qumran, Dead Sea ScrollsOf course they are not know as the Qumran Scrolls, they are the Dead Sea Scrolls, so here is a view of the Dead Sea from Qumran.

Mikveh, Ritual Purification, Qumran, Archaeology, Dead Sea ScrollsThis is a mikva at Qumran. The people who lived at Qumran were part of a conservative religious sect and would use the mikva for ritual washings. I am also thinking of mikvas this evening as a mikva is used by some orthodox Jewish groups during Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) observances. Yom Kippur began at sundown on Tuesday.

Dead Sea Scroll, Kando Store, Bethlehem, Dead Sea Scroll JarHere is one more image related to the Dead Sea Scrolls. This is one of the jars that contained scrolls, and was found at the caves at Qumran. I took a picture of the jar which is on display at the Kando store in Bethlehem. The store is run by the family of Khalil Iskander Shahin (Kando) who was the antiquities dealer that the Bedouin shepherds brought the Dead Sea Scrolls to.



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