Tomato Trucks

Tomato harvest is in full swing here in the Central Valley of California.

That means tomato trucks are out and about transporting the harvest to the processing plants.

Tomato Truck, Tomato Harvest, Tomatoes, Tomato TrafficYou don’t want to get behind a tomato truck going uphill when there is a lot of traffic. The trucks all have two hoppers and move a bit slowly. Especially on the interstate.

Luckily tomatoes don’t come flying off on the interstate, but you will often see them at intersections or on highway ramps where the trucks turn while going a bit fast.

Tomato Harvest, Tomato Trucks, Harvest, Patterson, CaliforniaHere you get a better view of a full load of tomatoes. They are nice and colorful.

Harvest Time, Tomatoes, Tomato, agriculture, Central Valley, CaliforniaThe trucks with the two hoppers are very long. Luckily I have not had to pass any on the two lane highway I normally take. However, I feel the effect of them as they lay down a lot of dirt on the road as they leave the fields and head to the processing centers.

Tomato Harvest, Full hoppers, Tomatoes, California, Central ValleyHere you see four sets of hoppers that are ready to be pulled to the processing center and also some empty ones that are waiting to be filled.

These tomatoes will most likely be canned. More than 90% of canned tomatoes are grown in the Central Valley of California. This is just part of the process that ends with canned tomatoes at your local grocery stores.



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