Pikes Peak Memory

This week my youngest brother and his family along with my oldest niece have been vacationing in Colorado.

I enjoyed looking at the many pictures that they posted on Facebook and one of them brought back an interesting memory of a picture taken of me 21 years ago.

Pikes Peak, Brother, Family Picture, ColoradoHere they are at the top of Pikes Peak posing in front of the sign.

Pikes Peak, Colorado, Colorado Springs, 1995, Summit SignHere is a picture from 1995 when I visited Pikes Peak. I was at a camp in Colorado and had gone into Colorado Springs on a Sunday morning to go to worship services. My friend Eric went with me. After services we decided to drive to the top of Pikes Peak before returning to camp.

As you can see in the picture above, Eric is a bit tall. Just imagine Eric riding in the passenger seat of my Saturn all the way up the twisting mountain road.

Eric is seven feet tall and makes me look like a kid in the picture.

I am now thinking of another picture taken in the mountains of Colorado.

Fall River Pass - Colorado - Old Jump Picture - Classic Jump PictureGoing back 40 more years from when I was at Pikes Peak, here is my Grandfather and my Dad at Fall River Pass. They were on a family vacation in Colorado just like my brother and his family were this year.

My Dad is the one jumping in the background. See: Old Jumping Picture

Other Colorado memories are wandering through my head tonight, but I will bring this post to a close.


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