Home for the Olympics

This year I will be home for the Olympics. During the Winter Olympics two years ago I was in Australia. I did look back and find that I was home during the last Summer Olympics, but that has not always been the case.

Olympics, China, Beijing, 2008 Olympics, Rio OlympicsIn fact, I once missed almost an entire Winter Olympics because I was on a cruise to Antarctica.

You can read more about my travels during the Olympics in my post Recent Olympic Memories.

Santos Brazil, Beach in Brazil, Palm Trees, World Cup, SoccerThis year of course the Olympics are in Rio, so you may see some of my memories of a trip to Brazil during the next couple of weeks.

The picture above is from the beach in Santos, Brazil.

Sports Apps, Live Scores, OlympicsI am also thinking back to a post that I wrote that was titled: Shh, Don’t Tell Me….

Because of the time zone difference many events in prime time will already have happened, and it will be very tempting to look at the results before they are shown on TV. I am sure that there will be a lot of people who will not want to know the results of their favorite events. I have a couple of tips for them:

  • Don’t go on Facebook as your friends may be talking about the events.
  • Don’t talk to people at work about your favorite events that day. They may already know the results and tell you.
  • If you really want to wait for the results make sure you let others know not to spoil it for you.

I am also remembering the opening ceremonies of the games in London and the great rendition of Abide with Me.

The rendition was not in the broadcast as instead they cut to an interview. However, I was able to watch it on-line.

This year it seems like they are doing a much better job of letting us see the entire ceremony. Since the coverage here in California is not live they can simply insert commercials into the feed. For instance, in the Parade of Nations they are inserting commercials between continuous coverage of the parade so that no countries are missed.

I really should look at a schedule and see when my favorite events are coming up.

What are your favorite events in the Olympics?



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