Old Jumping Picture

Picture fads come and go.

I remember several years ago it was popular to take pictures of people planking.

Tebowing was another recent picture fad which is probably making a comeback with Denver in the Super Bowl. Oh wait, Tebow isn’t the quarterback there anymore, or anywhere.

One of the picture fads that I have seen recently is of people jumping.  But, is it a new fad?

Fall River Pass - Colorado - Old Jump Picture - Classic Jump PictureWhile looking through some pictures looking for inspiration for a post I ran across this old jumping picture.

In 1955 my Dad and his family were in Colorado on a family vacation. Here they are at Fall River Pass.

You can see my Dad in the background in mid-jump. I like the way his arms are outstretched. He looks like a big bird.

I would imagine that this was not an intentional picture. My Dad is definitely not the focus of the picture.

Also, they would not have even know that they captured my Dad in mid-jump until much later when they had the picture developed.  In this case it was probably several months since the date on the picture is September and they made the trip in the summer.

This picture is also intriguing to me as my Grandpa is standing in the foreground and doesn’t have a beard. I always remember him with a beard and whenever I see a picture of him without one I have to look twice to make sure it is him.

Colorado Gold Camp - Family Vacation - Family Grouping - 50's Family TripHere is another picture from the same trip. Here they are visiting an old gold mine. My Dad is in the middle.

I like the rolled up pant legs of my uncle. Can you tell that the picture was taken in the 50’s?

They look so serious. It makes you wonder what they are thinking. Are they ready to go dig for gold? Are they ready to defend their gold mine?

I wonder if I have some other old pictures which reflect current photo fads?


Ankerstein - Anker Building - Anker Church - Blocks

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6 Responses to Old Jumping Picture

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    We’ll it’s a darn good thing you’re dad is better at it than me…LOL I’d fall down into some canyon and break my neck. Love these old travel photo’s

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    Love these photos. You’re so fortunate that your Grandma kept all this wonderful material.

  3. vanbraman says:

    I checked with my Dad and this was a surprise when they developed the pictures. It was not planned to catch him jumping.

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