Home from Shanghai

I am now home from Shanghai. I had a short delay coming home compared to the delay on the way to Shanghai two weeks ago. See: Early Morning Arrival in Shanghai

Pudong Airport, Shanghai, China, Terminal, AirportI was given notice well in advance that my flight would be delayed, so I was able to have a nice breakfast at the hotel before heading to the airport. My flight was originally scheduled for about noon, but was delayed until about five. I did go to the airport early as I wanted to make sure that I didn’t have to run through the terminal to catch my flight.

Shenzen Airline, Pudong Airport, Shanghai, Control TowerPlus, I wanted to do a little plane spotting as it is always interesting to see airlines that you don’t often see in the US.

Here you have an airplane from Shenzhen Airlines. In the background is the control tower for Pudong Airport.

Boarding Gate, Pudong Airport, Flying Home, Boarding time, ShanghaiFinally it was time to board the airplane. I like the gates at the Pudong Airport as you can look out and see what is going on as you walk out to the airplane.

I was soon in my seat. When I go to my seat there was a lady in the seat beside me with a one year old girl. Fortunately she was in the wrong seat and instead I got to sit by a nice Chinese lady who was on her way to Dallas for business. We talked on and off through the flight and both endured the crying of the little girl who was still close by.

Anza Parking , airpot parking, San Francisco Airport, SFO, Shuttle BusFinally the long flight was over and it was then time to pick up my car. Thankfully I did not have long to wait until the shuttle from Anza Parking picked me up.

The weather was also nice when I arrived. The temps were in the mid 70’s with a breeze. Much better than the hot humid weather in Shanghai.

However, by the time I got home the temps were in the triple digits.

Back Yard, Yard Work, Mowing, Overgrown Yard, Time to MowIt was too hot to mow when I got home yesterday. The temps were a bit cooler this afternoon so I got to work on my yard. You can tell by the picture above that my back yard was in need of some work. The yard now looks much better and I got a little bit of exercise at the same time.

Now for some sleep so I can get up and go to the office in the morning. I have a lot of catching up to do.


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