Euro Cup 2016

Four years ago I wrote a post about Euro Cup 2012. I have been thinking about that post this week as the Euro Cup 2016 is now being contested.

Euro Cup 2016, Jena, Germany, Football, SoccerFour years ago I was in Canada when I wrote the post, but this year I happen to be in Europe where everyone seems to be  football fanatics. Of course, we are talking about real football or soccer.

Here in Jena they have a Public Viewing Arena set up where you can watch the games each evening.

Euro Cup 2016, Jena, Germany, Football, SoccerThere are indications all over the place that a major football event is taking place. This banner was in one of the shopping malls and is one of those thing where you can stand behind it and have your face in the body of someone else.

Of course the support here is mostly for Deutschland or Germany.

Euro Cup 2016, Jena, Germany, Football, SoccerMany of the restaurants in Jena have outdoor seating and most of them have TVs where the patrons can watch the game while eating or tipping back a few refreshments.

I had a quiet meal in the restaurant just down the street to the right that didn’t have the game on. Thanks Restauration Stilbruch.

Euro Cup 2016, Jena, Germany, Football, SoccerEven little cafes had the game on. Anything to draw customers in.

The office is also Euro Cup mad. There are brackets and results posted up on bulletin boards and it is a common subject of conversation during breaks from class. Especially since we always have students from many different countries attending course.

I am not teaching a course, but am working on training development. It has been a very productive week and would be even more so if I could kick the jet lag.

So, it is off to bed.

Who will win the Euro Cup?


p.s. The Copa America 2016 Cup is in progress back in the US. Do you even know that it is going on?


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