Breakfast for Dinner

This evening I had breakfast for dinner.

Of course it is sometimes popular to have breakfast items for dinner in the US. Like pancakes, waffles or maybe cereal.

Kartoffelhaus, Jena, Germany, Food, RestaurantMy dinner tonight was at The Kartoffelhaus, which is one of the restaurants in Jena I try to eat at during each visit. If I stay long enough I eat there multiple times.

Of course, the potato is the star at the Kartoffelhaus.

Kirsch-Banane-Saft, Cherry, banana, juiceI started my meal off with a KiBa, which is Kirsch-Banane-Saft. Kirsch is cherry and I think that you can figure out that Banane is banana.

I really like this mixture of cherry and banana and it will be my go to drink here as I have cut sodas from my diet. I would really like to have a German Fanta, but I am resisting.

Bauernfrüstück, Farmer’s Breakfast, potato omelette with egg, roasted potatoes, onions, bacon

Here is my breakfast for dinner. Bauernfrüstück, translates to Farmer’s Breakfast. The dish is a large potato omelette with egg, roasted potatoes, onions and bacon. A very delicious combination.

I am taking the opportunity this week to have bacon and pork as I will most likely not see them on the menu for the rest of the month.

Of course, I cleaned my plate. I have had a long day and only had a sausage for lunch.

I had a nice walk around Jena before a thunderstorm hit and was able to get some nice pictures. I will share some of them later this week.

For now, this farmer must get to sleep.



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    Oh, this looks good!

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