Overheated Roses

The weather has been very hot for the last few days and my roses have suffered.

Today as I drove home from work the temperature was up to 104 degrees. Even now at 11:00pm the temperature is still hovering around 80 degrees. Hopefully I will be able to open the windows before I go to bed.

Tropicana Roses, Hybrid Roses, Heat Damaged Blooms, HotMy Tropicana rose bush has the most heat damage as it gets the most sun of all of my rose bushes.

Heat Damage, Rose Bloom, Tropican, Hybrid TeeHere you can see the damage a little better. The edges of the petals are all wilted.

I am used to seeing my St. Patrick rose blooms dry out, but not the Tropicana.

See: Drought Dried Rose Blooms

Pink Floribunda, Pink Roses, Dried out RosesHere are the blooms on my pink floribunda. They usually dry out like this, but not as fast as they have this weekend. The more color you see in the dried out bloom, the faster the drying process has been.

Dried out rose petals, Mr. Lincoln Rose, Hot WeatherThe blooms on my Mister Lincoln Rose bush have also been drying out quickly. You can click on  A Very Long Saturday to see what the blooms on the bush looked like just a few days ago.

Mister Lincoln Rose, Dried out rose blooms, dried petalsHere is another dried out bloom from the Mister Lincoln Rose. Usually the petals will almost all fall off before they dry out. I have not seen one with this many petals when it has dried out.

I have increased the watering time for my roses by a couple minutes so hopefully they will better stand up to the heat over the next week. We can only water three days a week, which makes it hard to keep them hydrated.

However, even though the roses are dried out they still have a certain type of beauty.



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