Consider the Price

This Monday as we celebrate Memorial Day, pause during the day to consider the price that was paid for our freedom.

Consider the Price, Memorial Day, Des Moine Register, Picture Magazine, Frank Andrea MillerThe images for this post come from one of my Grandma’s Scrapbooks from 1958.

Memorial Day, Des Moines Register, 1958

Memorial Day, a holiday for picnics in the parks, family gatherings, sport events, and leisure. This is as it should be … as the men who died in battle would have it. But pause sometime during the day. Consider the price of these peaceful holiday pursuits. Let each person recognize the dangers that exist today and lie ahead in the future. Let each person vow to do his share to help keep the peace. A true and lasting peace is the only appropriate memorial to the many lives lost in war.

Memorial day, cannon, frank andrea miller, Picture Magazine, Des Moines RegisterThe image above is by Frank Andrea Miller and shows our troops fighting during WWII.

Picture Magazine, Grinnell Iowa, Frank Andrea MillerThe article was from Picture Magazine and included a thumbnail of the cover art. Unfortunately, my Grandma did not include the cover in the scrapbook.

The cover which is also by Frank Andrea Miller shows children playing and families picnicking at a park in Grinnell, Iowa. You can barely see the children sitting on the same type of gun that is being fired by the soldiers in the drawing.

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend, but remember why we are celebrating it.

Last Saturday was Armed Forces Day where we honored all those who are currently serving in our armed forces.

Later this year on Veterans Day we will honor those who have served our country.

Make sure that you make Memorial Day a special day to remember those who gave their lives in service to our country.


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