Two Years ago in Cappadocia

Some of my friends have been posting memories of their trip to Turkey two years ago so I have also been thinking about that same trip.

Queens Cave Hotel - Cappadocia - Rock Cave - Cave HotelHere is the Queens Cave Hotel where we stayed after a long drive from Ankara to Cappadocia.

Many of the rooms are embedded into the hills. The Cappadocia region is filled with caves and there are quite a few cave hotels there.

Queens Cave Hotel, OrtahisarMany of the homes in Ortahisar are embedded into the rock and have significant portions that were originally caves.

In the picture above you can see our hotel from the air. There are more pictures from the hotel in my post Sleeping in a Cave.

Hot Air Ballons - Cappadocia - Rock formations - Kapadokya BalloonsThe picture of the hotel from the air was taken while we were Floating over Cappadocia. Click on the link to see more pictures from the hot air balloon ride.

If you ever go to Cappadocia you really need to go on a hot air ballon ride. The landscape is absolutely beautiful and the best way to see it is from the air.

I am not big on heights, but amazingly I did not have a problem being in a hot air balloon. It was so peaceful floating through the air.

Cappadocia, Turkey, Rock formations, Scenery, Colorful sceneryHere is another beautiful view of Cappadocian Scenery. I really loved the color of the rocks in the hills.

Fairy Chimneys - Rock Formations - Geology - CappadociaThere are some very interesting rock formations in the area including these Cappadocian Chimneys. If you click on the link you will also see two pictures from Goreme which is an area full of rock churches.

Underground City, Nevsehir Province, Turkey, Turkish Underground CityWe also visited an Underground City called Kaymakli. You will often see sensational articles on Facebook or the internet that announce the finding of an underground city in Turkey. Most of the time they are talking about known underground cities like this one.

Click on the links embedded in the post to see more pictures of this beautiful and fascinating region of Turkey.


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