Ankara to Cappadocia

Today we traveled from Ankara to Cappadocia.

We started the day by visiting a recently found section of a Roman road. Unfortunately the road was found 14-15 feet below the surface and the only way we could see it was through a glass cover.

The glass was not the cleanest and it was difficult to block light to prevent shadows and glare. However, we always find a way.

Ankara Roman Road - Ruins of Roman Road - Water Pipe - Ancient findI took this picture by placing my camera lens directly on the glass so that the only image was coming from below. You can see the paving stones of the Roman road. You can’t see this very well in three dimensions, but the pipe to the left is being support several feet above the road. It is the remains from a later level. Hopefully I will come back to this photo shoot in a later post. I have a couple of humorous shots of people trying to get pictures.

Temple of Augustus - Monumentum Ancyranum - Ancyra Temple of Augustas - Roman ruinsWe then walked to the Temple of Augustus and Rome. This is also known as Monumentum Ancyranum. The taller portion of the temple was built about 20-25 BC after the Romans conquered Anatolia. The shorter portion was built earlier and was for the worship of a goddess. The structure was later used as a church and now the adjacent area is a mosque.

Museum of Anatolian Civilizations - Ankara Museum - Anatolian HistoryWe then took the bus to the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations. Unfortunately the museum was undergoing a renovation and only one small hall was open for us to explore. I will have to arrange another trip to Ankara someday.

gold ring - Cybele at Temple Entrance - Museum of Anatolian CivilizationsThe one hall that we were able to visit had a lot of interesting artifacts. My favorite was this gold ring that shows Cybele standing at the temple entrance. The temple would be the one that is shown above.

There were also many artifacts in the grounds surrounding the museum. I plan on using pictures of them in future posts.

Ice  Cream Cone - Cherry and Butterscotch - Ice Cream ConeWe then took off for Cappadocia. We made several stops along the way. Once for lunch and then for a bio break. During the second stop I bought myself a nice ice cream cone. The ice cream was really good, especially the cherry ice cream on top. I like to say that this is only one scoop of butterscotch with a cherry on top.

Caravanserai - 1231 - Silk Road - Camels - CaravanWe then stopped at a caravanserai that was built in the early 1200’s. The caravanserai was really large and would have accommodated multiple caravans of camels. The architecture of the caravaserai was amazing and I took plenty of pictures to use in a future blog post.

Camel - Rock Houses - Cappadocia Speaking of camels, here is a camel in front of some of the rock homes of Cappadocia. More about these caves in the next days.

Rock Caves - Cappadocia - TurkeyHere you can see a little more detail of the rock caves. You can see that the weather is a little cool and rainy by the way I am dressed in the picture.

Queens Cave Hotel - Cappadocia - Rock Cave - Cave HotelFor the next two nights we are staying in a cave hotel here in Cappadocia.

If the weather cooperates in the morning we will be up early taking a hot air balloon ride over the beautiful landscape of the area.

More about the caves in the next few days.

Now for some sleep 🙂


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5 Responses to Ankara to Cappadocia

  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    Wonderful information and photography ….

  2. Boomdeeadda says:

    I’m sure you can’t dig anywhere there and not find history. So cool hey? My favourite ice-cream flavour is tiger and my favourite geloto flavour is lemon. I can’t tell what you’re having, I’m guessing peanut butter and cranberry maybe? That’d be a weird combo. So camels, caves and caravanserai….cool.

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