Snow to Roses II

Late last night I wrote a quick post titled Snow to Roses. I had posted it as a placeholder and planned on rewriting it this morning after taking a few pictures.

Since I left the post up all day without editing it I decided to just write a new one today. So, here is Snow to Roses II.

Toronto, snowy street, april snow stormHere are how the streets looked as we headed off for lunch. We went to McDonald’s so that my little friend could get some playtime since she could not play outside.

Cleared street, snow, toronto, sunny day after snowAs is often the case you get a nice sunny day after a snow storm. Here you can see that the snow has pretty much melted off the street. I took this picture while we were on the way to the airport for my flight.

April Roses, Home to Spring, spring rosesIt was too dark for me to get good pictures after I got home last night. I tried 🙂 They are actually interesting pictures and may find their way into a post someday.

Here is a picture that I took this morning of some of my roses. You can see that the bushes are full of colorful roses.

Spring Roses, Yellow Roses, Tropicana, Floribunda, St. Patrick RoseHere is a shot down the row of rose bushes. You can see the rich colors of the roses. The yellow car down the street fits right in with the theme. The bushes are all loaded with blooms and they smell wonderful.

Roses, back yard, spring, April RosesThe neighbor’s rose bush has spilled over the fence into my back yard and is also full of blooms. It was a welcome sight as I walked into my backyard to check on things this morning.

The backyard is in need of a mowing, but luckily it can wait until the weekend. However, rain is in the forecast so it may need to wait even longer.

I hope you enjoyed my journey from Snow to Roses.


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