Arrived in Shanghai

Just a quick post to let you know that I have arrived in Shanghai.

It looks like I will be able to post while here, although I won’t be able to respond if you comment on Facebook.

Crowne Plaza, Pudong, Shanghai, China, HotelI have checked in at the Crowne Plaza and had a good night of sleep after the very long flight. The flight was very full and I didn’t have the best luck in the seatmate department. I don’t like sitting next to a fidgety person who bumps into you quite often. Anyway, I did get some sleep on the plane.

I had planned on watching The Martian, but the main screen movie system was not working. Instead, the route map was displayed for the entire flight. I could have watched it on my tiny little i-Phone screen but opted for sleep instead. United was proactive and I already had an e-mail from them before I landed and received a nice little gift for not being able to watch movies during the flight.

Chicken, Greens, Chinese Food, Chinese Cuisine, Pudong

Now for a day in the classroom, but I am sure that I will be thinking of the great food I will have in the evening. One of my favorite things about China is the wonderful food. See Chinese Food.


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