Back to the Airport

I am back at the airport again less than eighteen hours after leaving it yesterday.

At least I had time to go Home to Repack.

Fishing, SFO Airport, Peninsula Avenue, Plane SpottingI always leave for the airport in plenty of time just in case something happens with traffic. I have always thought about stopping at a parking area near the airport to take some pictures of planes landing and since I had plenty of time this morning I made the stop.

The parking area is a very popular fishing spot and there were 20-30 people out fishing. They were pulling in quite a few silver fish that were about 8-10 inches long.

Plane Spotting, Virgin America, Sea Gull, SFOI like this picture that I took as it shows a Virgin America plane coming in for a landing and also a sea gull.

SFO, Plane Spotting, Delta, Landing PlaneHere is a plane landing at SFO. I was really zoomed in to get this picture. You can see some ducks floating in the bay in the foreground.

San Francisco International Airport, SFO, United Airlines, ANA, Row of PlanesWhen I arrived at the airport, here was the lineup of planes waiting for passengers. My plane is not yet here as we are scheduled to fly out of the gate where the ANA plane is parked.

The ANA plane has now left and I am sure that the 747 that I am flying on will soon pull in.

SFO  Control Tower, New Control Tower, ATC Tower SFO, New ATC Tower at SFOHere is a picture of the new Air Traffic Control tower at SFO. You can see a picture of the tower when it was under construction by clicking on Airport Images. I think that the tower looked better while under construction, but then it would not have fit in with the style of the rest of the airport.

You will also find a picture of a very special plane in my post Airport Images.

Now it is almost time to board and then I  can sit back and relax during  a very long flight.



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