Christmas Day

Today has been a lazy day. I am worn out from a week of traveling, so it was nice to sleep in this morning.

Christmas Tracker, Days till Christmas, SnowmanI spent some time this morning reading. I am trying to meet my goal on goodreads, and have a handful of books yet to read.

I also played a few computer games and passed a level on one game that I have been working on for weeks.

I also spent some time watching the special Sound of Music commercials for Wal-Mart. I went to school with the father in the commercials. He also lived just a couple blocks away from us.

Then it was time to watch some basketball to see if the Warriors would win again. I think I paid more attention to my book than to the game though. I finished reading Prisoners of Geography while watching the game. See Maps and History

Christmas Feast, Food, Ham, Turkey, Potatoes, StuffingThen it was time for a Christmas feast. I arrived at my friends just a bit late so did not get a picture before the meal started. Here you can see a sampling of what we had. We had both turkey and ham, so no question about which is the proper one to have at Christmas 🙂

Santa, Hot Tub, Blow up decorationsWe had a great evening catching up with each other and enjoying desserts. I also watched most of Forrest Gump which I had not seen in a long time.

As I was leaving I had to take a picture of the Christmas decorations. My friends are in the pool business and have a really cool display of Santa and a hot tub.

Santa, Hot Tub, Pool, Rudolph, Polar BearThe blow up display is animated with a reindeer holding a ball popping up out of the water.

It is interesting how popular this type of display has been over the last couple of years. There is one yard that I pass while walking that has about a dozen of them along with the sign that is the first picture in this post.

Evening Walk, Shadows, Street lightsI have not done much walking in the last week, so decided that I really needed a long walk once I got home. I walked about three and a half miles tonight, and still didn’t reach my daily goal. However, it is the most steps I have had in a day during the last week. I really need to meet my goal tomorrow.

I really like this picture that I took during the walk. It is interesting how these two shadows cross and create a dark diamond. Streetlights can make for interesting shadows.

Now for some sleep. I was tired earlier, but not now. I really need to sleep to combat the jet lag.


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One Response to Christmas Day

  1. Merry Christmas! Get some rest, and enjoy your walks and reading!

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