Lachish at the Museum II

Today we visited the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

During this trip to the museum I kept my eye out for Lachish items and found a lot more than I did last time. Of course, I was not specifically looking for Lachish items during my last visit. See: Lachish at the Museum

Tonight I will focus on items that were found at the Fosse Temple, which was just outside the walls of Lachish.

Hunting Scarab, Egyptian, Fosse Temple, Lachish, Amenophis III

The Fosse Temple is from the Late Bronze Age when Lachish was in the circle of Egyptian influence.

This scarab is known at the Hunting Scarab and is from the time of Amenophis III.

Egyptian Faience Vessels, Lachish, Pottery, Fosse TempleThese beautiful faience vessels were also found in the Fosse Temple. The vessels are from Egypt and are a good examples of Egyptian faience  which is made from powdered quartz.

Faience Necklace, Lachish, Fosse Temple, Egyptian Jewlery

This necklace is reconstructed based on a wall painting in Egypt. The beads and pendants are faience work. The pieces were all found in the Fosse Temple.

Perfume Bottle, Fosse Temple, Lachish, Israel, Perfume, Ivory Bottle

This ivory perfume bottle is very interesting. The head of the woman is the stopper for the bottle, but there is also a small channel running through the head. When the bottle was tipped over a small amount of perfume would spill into the spoon.

The bottle was found on the cult platform of the Fosse Temple.

Perfume Bottle, Lachish, Fosse Temple, Cult Platform, ivoryOne thing to remember when visiting museums is to also take a picture of the signs describing the articles. This will help you remember what you took a picture of.

Some of the information in this post came from the museum signage, but additional information also came from Biblical Lachish by David Ussishkin.

I have more to share from the museum. Look for more entries in this series in the future.


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