Jane’s Island

This evening I finished reading Jane’s Island by Marjorie Hill Allee.

Janes's Island, Marjorie Hill Allee, Woods Hole Massachusetts, Newbery Honor BookJane’s Island was a Newbery runner-up in 1932. This was a wonderful story about a young woman named Ellen who spent a summer in Woods Hole, Massachusetts taking care of Jane who is the daughter of a marine biologist. The book is full of adventure as they explore the Woods Hole area. However, you also learn about the research that takes place in Woods Hole and several story lines come together for a happy ending.

Jane's Island, Marjorie Hill Allee, Woods HoleThe book is illustrated by Maitland de Gorgoza. I really enjoyed the very detailed illustrations and they helprd bring the book to life.

Jane’s Island is partly autobiographical as Allee’s two daughters were the inspiration for Jane. Marjorie Hill Allee’s husband was also a zoologist and did research at Woods Hole. I also see Marjorie in the character of Ellen and her husband in Jim, who is an intern at Woods Hole.

Marjorie grew up in a Quaker family and also wrote historical novels about Quakers. When I finish my Newbery Challenge I may have to find some of her other works.

Woods Hole Massachusetts, Endpaper, Jane's Island Marjorie Hill AlleeThe endpapers have a beautiful map of Woods Hole. These helped me get my bearings while reading the story.

Google Maps, Woods Hole, Janes IslandOf course Google Maps helped as well.

Janes Island, Newbery Honor Book, MassachusettsThe last book the I read in my Newbery Challenge took place not far from Woods Hole.

Downright Dencey was set on Nantucket Island which is about 40 miles from Woods Hole.

I find it interesting that I have read two Newbery books in a row that were set very close together. Also the first was about Quakers and the second was written by a Quaker.

I really enjoyed Jane’s Island, it is definitely worthy of a Newbery award.



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5 Responses to Jane’s Island

  1. I enjoyed your post! I really like the illustrations too.

  2. Will try to read it too. But not sure what the Newbery award is about. In the UK we have various book awards but usually for new publications.

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