Painting Notice

When I got home this evening and pulled into my driveway I noticed that there was a notice on my garage door.

Since it was taped to the door I had to put the door down and go out through the front door to see what it was.

Number Painting Notice, Solicitation, Handbill, NoticeI do not like getting an anonymous solicitation like this. Do you see anywhere on this notice information about who is offering this service?

Painting Address Number, Curb Number, Professionally PaintedWho are these professionals? How can I check up and see if their work is worth the price they are charging for this service? Are they really professionals?

Strongly Recommended, Professionally painted, Curb Number, House NumberWho is recommending that I have my curb professionally painted?

Emergency Vehicles, House Numbers, Police, Fire, Ambulance, Pizza DeliveryThis is an interesting statement, and I would argue that it is not true.

I would highly doubt that the Police, Fire Department and Ambulance drivers would be looking at my curb to find my house number. They would be looking for a house number that is near eye level when they are driving. There is an ordinance that requires visible house numbers. Mine is above my garage door and is lit up at night. It is highly visible.

In the era of GPS, especially in emergency vehicles, these numbers will not save any time in locating a dwelling place.

Oh, and did you notice that other products often use these numbers? How do products use these numbers?

Why would I pay $15 to have a number painted on my curb? Most likely the number would not even be seen as there is almost always a car parked along the curb blocking the location where they would paint it.

House Number, American Flag, Emergency NumberThe number would be accompanied by an American flag and be on a white background, but you could have it painted without the flag for only $10.

To be honest, it offends me that they would suggest that you cross out the flag to indicate that you don’t want it. Can you imagine putting a cross out on an image of our flag? Of course, they do say to somehow indicate that you don’t want it, but why not put a check box to opt out?

I am sorry to be off on a rant tonight, but this bugs me. This is most likely an individual or group of individuals that are trying to make money by offering a unneeded service. Not to mention the unfounded claims and scare tactics. Why else would they not identify themselves on the notice?

Hopefully I don’t offend anyone who offers this as a legitimate service. But, if you use a similar flier, you may want to make sure you check how you word your notice so that it doesn’t offend anyone who receives it.

Now, if this was a service being offered by a non-profit organization like the Boy Scouts, I might be interested. A number on my curb may be worth a donation to a good cause.




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One Response to Painting Notice

  1. Uncle Spike says:

    What a strange money-spinning racket indeed. It’s quite aggressive and I bet they get a lot of takers. I wondered if the curbs were state property though anyway?

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