Washington’s Birthday II

Saturday the 22nd is Washington’s Birthday but we officially celebrated it on Monday the 17th.

I explained why in the post I wrote last year about Washington’s Birthday.

If you thought it was Presidents Day, then check out my post: President’s, Presidents’ or Presidents

For some reason blog posts that I have written about Hamburg, Iowa have been very popular in the last couple of days so I have been thinking about my Grandma’s Scrapbooks.

I decided to dig into them again and see if I could find another image for Washington’s Birthday.

Washington Still Commands - Editorial Cartoon - Frank Miller - Frank Andrea Miller - President Washington - Washington's BirthdayI like the title of this editorial cartoon by Frank Andrea Miller that would have been clipped out of the Des Moines Register.

Washington Still Commands

Patriotism, Citizenship, and sacrifice are not romantic words of the past… to be read about in history books and forgotten.

The Revolution was not complete. It still lives and must continue to live. To keep it alive there must be the vigorous patriotism, citizenship, and sacrifice Washington commanded at Valley Forge.

President Washington, Washington's Birthday, President's Day - Marx Presidential FigureGeorge Washington has always been one of my favorite Presidents. I also have an interesting connection to him that I plan on writing more about in a future post.

My 7th Great-Grandfather, Captain Lewis Ellzey, served with George Washington as a vestryman in Truro Parish.

The little figurine in the picture above is a Louis Marx figurine. You can read more about the figurines in my post: Marx Presidents

Presidents Washington and Lincoln - Presidents' Day - Marx Presidential FigurinesThe figurine of George Washington stands with one of Abraham Lincoln on top of my computer. Whenever I look up from my screen I see my two favorite presidents.

Is George Washington one of your favorite presidents?


Ankerstein - Anker Building - Anker Church - Blocks


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6 Responses to Washington’s Birthday II

  1. Mine is Abe Lincoln. I’m not sure why; he had an idiosyncratic quality about him.

  2. Right up there with Teddy Roosevelt 🙂

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  6. Dee Wolford says:

    Lewis is my 5th Great Grandfather

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