Blue Mountains

I have a student from Australia in my class this week, so thought I would share a few pictures from my trip to Australia last February.

While in Australia last year I visited the Blue Mountains. See my posts: Blue Mountains Preview, Katoomba Falls and Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains, Katoomba, Australia, Fog, Rain ForestTonight it will be mostly pictures as I am tired out from battling a cold and a long day in the classroom.

The Blue Mountains were really beautiful, especially the cliffs along the valley near Katoomba. I really like the wisps of fog along the cliff face.

Katoomba, Australia, Blue Mountains, NatureThe day did not have the best weather as it was drizzly and cold for a good portion. However, this probably was for the best as I walked for many miles up and down stairs and it kept me from getting too hot 🙂

The fog was nice as it made for some scenic views. However, my camera lens also fogged up quite a bit and looking back through my pictures I found many that were not very well focused.

Cliff Wall, Blue Mountains, Katoomba, Australia, Scenic WondersI could have stood here for a long time and watched the fog drift by. You could look down and see birds flying from place to place and you could here the Currawongs calling.

Three Sisters, Katoomba, Blue Mountains, Australia, FogOne of the attractions at Katoomba is the Three Sisters. Here they are very difficult to see because of the fog, but later I got some really nice pictures when I was closer. You can see a couple of the pictures in my other Blue Mountains posts.

Blue Mountains, Katoomba, Australia, Scenic overlookI really loved this spot, in fact I spent about 15-20 minutes sitting on the bench enjoying the wonderful view. I passed this point at the warmest part of the day and really enjoyed the breeze blowing along the corner of the cliff.

I may have to go to the Blue Mountains again during my next trip to Australia.



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3 Responses to Blue Mountains

  1. CJ Murdoch says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

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