Another Course Dinner

Tonight was another course dinner, this one for the second course I am co-teaching in Tokyo.

Last week we went to a traditional Japanese restaurant for the first course dinner.

Click here: Course Dinner in Japan

This week we went to La Boqueria which is a Spanish restaurant in the Yotsuya area of Tokyo. Of course that meant that the food would be served in a tapas fashion.

Spanish Food, La Boqueria, Yotsuya, TokyoIt is hard for me to remember all the dishes, but I will give it a try. This was the first dish and was a Spanish omelet and a liver pâté.

There were ten of us at the dinner. In the pictures you will usually see dishes that are designed to serve five people. They would place one dish at each end of the table.

Spanish Food, La Boqueria, Yotsuya, TokyoHere we have a tuna spread with small pieces of toasted bread. This was a really nice dish.

Spanish Food, La Boqueria, Yotsuya, TokyoNext up was a potato salad. This picture is just of my plate. One of the younger students dished out our food and did a nice job of plating each one.

This dish had a nice mix of greens, sliced vegetables and potato cubes.

Spanish Food, La Boqueria, Yotsuya, TokyoThis was another very nice dish. The pot had a nice mix of potatoes, parsnips and pieces of pork or ham. One of the highlights of the meal was sopping up the pot liquor with pieces of soft bread.

Spanish Food, La Boqueria, Yotsuya, TokyoThe next dish in line had some very nice slices of beef. They were served with a nice sauce, green beans and sweet potatoes. The beef was very tender and had nice flavor.

jamón serrano, Spanish Food, La Boqueria, Yotsuya, TokyoHere we have a wooden paddle full of jamón serrano. Actually, I am not sure if it is jamón serrano, it may be jamón iberico. In any case, it is a dry-cured ham from Spain that is thinly sliced and then cooked in an oven.

The ham was very delicious.

Tapas, Spanish Food, la boqueria, Yotsuya, JapanThe dinner is finally winding down. Here we have potatoes with a tomato relish and sour cream.

Spanish Food, Rice, Organ Meats, Mushrooms, Tokyo, JapanThe last dish before the dessert was similar to a paella. I know that this is not a classic paella, but maybe it is simply a variation.

I am actually not sure what type of meat was in this dish. I think that this was one of those times that it is better not to know. The middle of the pan was full of fried mushrooms.

The rice in this dish was really good as was the mystery meat. I am not a big fan of mushrooms, but I did try a few.

Dessert Platter, Chocolate Cake, Spanish Restaurant, La Boqueria, Yotsuya, Tokyo, JapanFinally we came to the desert. I really liked the chocolate cake. A nice way to end a wonderful meal with my students.

Now to finish packing for the flight home after the last day of class tomorrow.

Which of these dishes would you want to try?



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4 Responses to Another Course Dinner

  1. Every one of those dishes look rather good!

  2. erikasellers says:

    They all looked great! Not so sure about mystery meat though!

  3. I’ll go straight for the dessert!

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