Old-Time Photogaphy VII

Old-Time Photography

Tonight I will share a couple more pictures from the Eastman’s Solio Paper packet that I highlighted in Old-Time Photograph VI.

Eastman's Solio Paper, Eastman, Photography, Eastman Kodak, Picture PacketBut first a little more about the process of creating these pictures. The Solio Paper was known as Printing Out Paper and would be used to develop negatives without a dark room.

The paper was coated with a gelatine-chloride emulsion. The negative was placed above the paper so that the sun shone through the negative. After the image was exposed the paper was washed and fixed.

The pictures using this process would fade over time, and this is the case with the ones that were in this packet.

The two that I chose to share tonight are some of the better ones.

Women Riding Bicycles, 1890's, Solio Paper, Printing Out Paper, Old-Time PhotographyI do not know who these two women were, but the picture is really cool. They are riding bicycles while wearing long skirts. This picture was taken in the late 1890’s.

In the 1890’s the bicycle was very popular. Especially for women. The “Safety” bicycle was popularized in the 1880’s and millions of bicycles were sold in the 1890’s. I would imagine that they are riding on a country road near Coin, Iowa where my Great Grandparent’s lived.

Solio Photo Paper, Eastman Kodak, Men with corncob pipes, 1890's photography, Old-time PhotographyI do know who the men are in this picture. On the right is my Great Grandfather Charles Shafer Van Duzor. He is with his friend Ed Bryant who lived south of Coin across the Missouri border. They look quite interesting with their corn cob pipes. The picture is quite dark, but it looks as though they are standing in the entrance of a barn or stable. Perhaps this is where the mules were stabled.

There is an interesting contrast in these two pictures. The men are smoking in a smelly barn or stable and the women are getting exercise in the clean country air.

Another interesting thing that I noticed in these pictures are the small holes in the corners. They must have been pinned to a wall or board.

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Would you be out cycling or would you be hanging out in the barn?


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2 Responses to Old-Time Photogaphy VII

  1. Uncle Spike says:

    Amazing how much history must be crammed into these old images; so many people from all walks of life see/touch things that makes you wonder… Nice posts Stephen, thanks.

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    I would rather be out cycling in the fresh air 🙂

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