Sunday Wanderings

A little bit of writers block this evening, so will just share a few pictures from my day.

Tropicana Rose, Tall Rose Bush, Beautiful Rose, Rose in TreeI will start with a picture that I took of one of my roses this morning. This rose bloom is actually about eight feet off the ground and is almost up into the branches of the tree in my front yard. I had to reach up with my camera above my head to take this picture.

I really like the color of this Tropicana rose.

My roses are really tall this year. My other rose bushes are six to seven feet tall and full of blooms. They were also tall last year and you can see pictures of them in November Roses II.

Ernie's Taqueria, Carnitas, Mexican Food, Patterson, CaliforniaFor lunch today we went to Ernie’s Taqueria in Patterson. I always like the food here. Today I had carnitas which is one of my favorites. They were wonderful as always. I really like the flavor and texture of the meat.

Brick Building, Window, Barred Window, Abandoned Building, Architecture, Patterson, CaliforniaNext door to Ernie’s is an abandoned brick building. I really like the architecture of this building. Especially the window openings. The brick work along the top of the window is really cool and I like the contrast of the keystone.

You can tell that the iron bars were added later, but they still look really interesting.

Thai Chicken Curry, Thai Food, Chicken,Cuisine, Rice DishThe picture of the Thai Chicken Curry with rice that I made for dinner didn’t come out too well. However, it was really delicious.

I am sure that it is not as good as what I would get at the House of Okra. The House of Okra is not actually a restaurant, but is my brother’s kitchen. He really loves to cook and his nickname is Fried Okra. I am thinking of him tonight as he called me earlier this evening and let me know that he just got married. I have been looking forward to this news for a long time.

Congratulations to the new couple! Mr. and Mrs. Fried Okra

Today has been a day of relationship news. I also saw that another friend has announced her engagement this evening. I saw her this morning with her now fiancée, so was  surprised to see the news tonight.

Hmm, the writers block loosened up a bit, which will often happen once I get started writing a post.

Which meal would you rather share with me. The Mexican lunch or the Thai dinner?





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  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    The Mexican lunch 🙂

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