Sunday Wanderings II

Today I have been a bit tired as it has been a busy day and also a day where we lost an hour of sleep.

I decided to just share a few of my wanderings for the day. I looked to see if I had ever had a post titled Sunday Wanderings, and since I wrote one back in 2014, this one gets the ‘II’.

dandelion, seeds, springI will start with a picture of a dandelion that I took this morning. My yard really needs to be mowed, but it keeps raining.

Finger Food, Potluck, pork, baconAfter services this morning we had a potluck at the house of one of my friends. I like potlucks as there is always some good food. Some is good for you, and some is just plain good like these bacon wrapped little smokies.

Casserole, potluck, good foodThis casserole looks a bit healthier with some nice greens in it. But still a lot of yummy cheese 🙂

Potluck plate, enchiladas, fred fried chicken, saladHere is my plate of food, you can see that there is some nice salad on the plate to go with the other choices.

Also on the plate is some Fred fried chicken. It is so good, and I brought some of it home for a meal later in the week.

I will not show the desserts 🙂

Patterson Hills, Storm Clouds, stoplight, green hillsAs I headed out of Patterson toward home, I took this picture while stopped at a stoplight.

Look how green the hills are. We have had so much rain this year and you can really tell by looking toward the hills.

You also can’t help but notice the ominous clouds above the hills. A long line of storm clouds were moving into the valley.

Hail, roses, storm, new growthThere was only a little bit of rain for most of the way home, but as I turned into my subdivision it really started to come down.

As I pulled into my garage a few tiny hail stones were starting to come down and I could see them on my windshield.

If you look closely in the picture above you can see little white hailstones. It only hailed for a few minutes and the hailstones were not very big.

It was then time for a nap.

Now to try and get to sleep so I can get some rest for tomorrow. I will still be missing that hour tomorrow.



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