Cake Time

It is that time of year again to think of birthday cakes.

Not sure exactly if I will have any cake on my birthday, but I always think about cake. When I was young my mom would always make my birthday cake.

My mom made cakes for many other people as well. From birthday to wedding and anniversary cakes. It seems like they were always around.

So, here are a few pictures of my birthday cakes.

2nd birthday cake, ottumwa, Iowa, Lincoln streetThis birthday cake was made before my mom went to classes to learn how to decorate cakes. It is still a nice cake, and I know that I didn’t care what it looked like. I am sure that since I was just two I simply enjoyed stuffing my face with it 🙂

Birthday Cake, 7th birthday, indian tepee cake, birthday party, ottumwa lagoon parkFast forward now to when I turned seven. Here is my birthday cake for a party at what we called lagoon park or curly slide park. For more see: Fun at the Park

Here I have a cake that is an Indian tepee. My mom had a great idea to make this cake. The pan she used was usually for making a doll cake. The tepee shape is the dress and a doll head would be placed on top. It worked great to make the tepee.

Birthday cake, baseball, birthday partyYou can count the candles and see that this is the cake for my ninth birthday. By that time I was into baseball and I had another birthday at the park. I am wearing the same shirt as I am in my Fun at the Park post, so probably at the same place.Ice Cream Ball, Birthday Party, Party at the park, icecreamIt looks like I have a second cake here, but it is actually an ice-cream ball that is decorated. Of course, it is made with my favorite type of ice-cream. Vanilla! Hmm, I just might have to have some before bed.

10th Birthday Cake, Stamps, Baseball, books, music, ottumwa, iowaThis cake is a bit harder to see. It is the one for my tenth birthday, and has stamps, books, baseball and music elements. Of course, you can see that I am in my baseball uniform and probably had a game that day. I have also acquired glasses since the last birthday.

For more about my baseball playing days see: Baseball Memories

Facebook and e-mail are starting to light up with birthday wishes from around the world. I may have to count up the countries tomorrow.

Do you have memories of your childhood birthday cakes?




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