Turkish Horses

This evening I am going to just share a few pictures of horses.

The pictures were all taken during my trip to Turkey.

Horse in Turkey - Cave Hotel - Cappadocia The picture above was taken near the cave hotel that I stayed at in Cappadocia. The horse was feeding and I really like the bits of hay on the nose.

White Horse, Cave Hotel, Cappadocia, TurkeyThe owner of the hotel also had a white horse. I really like the look that the horse is giving me.

You can see the distinctive walls of the cave stable that the horses are kept in. The geology of this region is really fascinating. You can see more of the geology in my post: Cappadocian Chimneys

Turkey, Horse, Adana Turkey, Henna Dipped Tail, Cart HorseWhile we were in Turkey we saw many horse drawn carts. This horse caught my eye because of the tail.

The tail of the beautiful white horse had been dipped in henna. We not only saw horses in the rural areas, but also in the larger cities. This horse was just outside our hotel in Adana.

Decorated Carriage, Antalya Turkey, Horse and CarriageWait, this picture doesn’t have any horses in it. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of both the horses and carriage, so here is the carriage. In this case I am putting the carriage before the horse.

This carriage is beautifully decorated and is available for hire in downtown Antalya.

Carriage Horses, Antalya Turkey, Horse and Carriage, Carriage RideHere are the horses that pull the carriage. Can you imagine taking a ride in this beautifully decorated carriage?

If we had more time, we might have taken a little tour. However, we were on a mission to make it to the Antalya harbor to take a few pictures and see where Paul and Barnabas sailed from. Antalya is modern day Attalia. See Acts 14:25-26

You can see a few of the pictures that I took at: Around Antalya




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  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    Love the horses! Great pictures …

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