Wednesday Wanderings

My brain is a little foggy tonight as I am still jet lagged. That makes it a bit more difficult to focus and my thoughts are wandering from place to place.

I will start with our mid-week Bible class topic. Tonight we talked about the book of Ruth. We read through the verses and talked about different cultural aspects of the events.

Gate at Bethsaida - City GateLast year as part of my Walls of Jericho series I wrote about the book of Ruth in my post Kinsman Redeemer. The picture above is not the gate of Bethlehem, but is representative of what it might have looked like. Luckily the class put a lot of ideas in my head to process on the way home and keep me awake while driving.

I am also thinking of how I still need to write some additional posts to finish off the Walls of Jericho series.

Perge, Turkey - Perge Ruins - Paul's Missionary Journeys - ArchaeologyOf course, I am also thinking of additional posts that I need to write about Turkey. When I went to Israel two years ago I came back with many ideas and pictures and wrote quite a few additional posts.

Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives - Dome of the RockYou can take a look at the types of posts that I wrote about Israel by visiting the Israel link at the top of the page, or by simply clicking on: Israel

Sometime in the next couple of weeks I will probably restructure the Turkey page to more closely follow the format of the Israel page.

Bee on Thistle - Pollen covered bee - thistle - beeThere will probably be another post in my Flora and Fauna series. The picture above is not the only picture that I took of insects or plants while in Turkey.

I will also be writing individual posts about some of the places where we visited. You will see individual posts on Derbe, Antioch of Syria and other places that we visited. I am just not sure when. It will depend on where my mind wanders.

Lunch in Turkey - Lunch in Osmaniye - Spicy LambOf course there will also be some posts about food in Turkey. I shared only a few of the pictures throughout the trip.

Plus, many museum pictures need to be shared as well as street scenes, buildings, nature, etc..

Definitely a lot of places for my brain to wander to in Turkey.

For now, it is almost time to call it a day. I can barely keep my eyes open to write this. Hopefully it is not too fragmented.



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4 Responses to Wednesday Wanderings

  1. Steve, I am also thinking of writing more posts about Turkey. Can’t wait to read yours!

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