Home from Turkey

I am home from Turkey and slowly getting pictures downloaded from my camera.

My home computer is running slow as it seems that every program is trying to update.

Therefore, you will only get a repeat of some of my favorite pictures of the trip.

You can also look at my Turkey page to see a list of all the posts that I have made on the trip.

Bee on Thistle - Pollen covered bee - thistle - beeCamel - Rock Houses - CappadociaScarves - Grand Bazaar - Istanbul - ShoppingMountains - Sunset - Turkey - Central Turkey - AntalyaTitus Tunnel Inscription - Titus Tunnel - Titus - Vespasian - Antakya - TurkeyRoman Road - Tarsus Roman Road - Steps of Paul - Cilician RoadLook for a longer post tomorrow.

You can find each of the pictures above in one of my posts from the last two weeks. See if you can find them 🙂 and comment below on which one is where.

Which is your favorite picture of the ones above? Or, do you have another picture that is your favorite?


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2 Responses to Home from Turkey

  1. I like the photo of the camel in Cappadocia, but, really I like them all.

  2. Boomdeeadda says:

    I like all the colourful scarves. Which did you buy?

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