Cruising Manteca

Tonight I will share a few pictures of a really neat mural in Manteca, California.

I have driven by this mural several times, but finally took the opportunity to stop and take pictures.

Cruising Manteca, Mural, Manteca, California, D.S. GordonThe name of the mural is Cruising Manteca and was painted by D. S. Gordon.

The mural was dedicated in 2008 and is 138 feet long.

In the picture above I though that I had a nice picture of the entire mural, but it washes out on the far end.

Cruising Manteca, Mural, Manteca, California, D.S. GordonHere is a view from the other end so between the two pictures you can get the overall feel for the mural.

The mural depicts a street scene in Manteca from the 60’s.

Mural - D.S. Gordon - Cruising Manteca - Yosemite Avenue - GreyhoundThe setting is Yosemite Avenue which was the main drag through Manteca. The mural brought back memories of cruising Main back in my hometown, although a few decades later 🙂

I like the Greyhound sign in the background and also the brightly lit windows of the Cafe. Of course you have cars stopped along the drag so that you can socialize.

Cruising Manteca - Mural - D.S.  Gordon - Street SceneIn this scene we see a little bit of romance. I really like the old red car that is surrounded by the three couples. I see three couples at different stages in their relationships.

The highway sign also reminds me that highways used to run right through the center of town in the Central Valley. Now the majority of cars bypass the towns as people hurriedly fly down the interstates.

Mural - Cruising Manteca - Manteca Mural Society - D.S. Gordon - 2008There are quite a few large murals in downtown Manteca. I need to go back and view the rest of them. There is also a few more in the planning stage.

Do you have memories of cruising through your home town when you were young?


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3 Responses to Cruising Manteca

  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    Yes, those were good times. Thanks for the memories!

  2. Boomdeeadda says:

    Wow, 138 ft long. That’s a giant mural. How do they keep it from weathering I wonder? When I was a kid, Edmonton was a lot smaller. We’d climb in the Chrysler Desoto (had bat wings) and go for a quick drive. Usually to the Burger King for Ice Cream. We had a friend that worked there and we thought it was so fun to say hi to ‘Aunty Stephie thru the serving window.

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