How Upsetting? III

The third full round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament is now over and the upsets have continued. However, the favorites have won as well.

In the third round the expected seed won four of the games and there were four upsets.

So, is this year on track to be the most upsetting tournament?

2013 NCAA Upset Stats - Bracket Points - NCAA Basketball Tournament - The Big DanceThe picture above shows the final results of the tournament last year which tied for the highest UF.

See my post Most Upsetting Tournament? for an explanation of BP (Bracket Points) and UF (Upset Factor).

2014 NCAA 3rd Round - Upset Factor - Bracket Points - Most Upsetting Tournament?In the third round this year there were 12 additional UF points and 16 BP.

You may have thought that with the 11 seed Dayton advancing to the Elite Eight that there would be more UF points this week. But, an 11 seed beating a 10 seed only gives one UF point.

Gary Thompson - Iowa State - Basketball Player - Big 7 - Broadcaster - "Go with Gary"The 7 seed, Connecticut, beating the 3 seed, Iowa State, generated four UF points. This made me sad as all of my tournament favorites have been upset. I am not sure now who I want to win the tournament.

Upsetting Tournaments - NCAA Basketball Tournament - Tournament Upsets - Most UpsettingThe table above compares 2014 with previous complete tournaments. The list is sorted by UF, and you can see that it will only take a few more upsets to place 2014 among the most upsetting tournaments.

If the rest of the games are upsets, 2014 will easily be the most upsetting tournament. There are several scenarios that will result in the highest UF.

The BP so far is only 60, but there is no chance that this will be the tournament with the lowest BP. That distinction remains with the 2011 tournament when Kansas was the only 1 seed to make it to a regional final, only to be upset by VCU which was an 11 seed.

Even if the remaining 1 seeds win out, the BP will only amount to 140. Three seasons have seen a higher BP.

The middle columns of the table show how many double digit seeds have made it into each round. There is still a chance for a double digit seed to make it to the Final 4.

For more about this year’s tournament click on the following links:

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p.s. There may not be a How Upsetting? post after the next round. I will be winging my way across the sea while the games are being played and will probably be posting pictures from my destination 🙂 You may have to check back here and read the comments for an update. Or, I might post. You never know with my wandering mind.

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