Rainy Saturday

Today has been a rainy Saturday.

Some welcome moisture after a dry winter here in California.

Rainy Day - Rain on Roses - Yellow Roses However, the rain kept me from getting my lawn mowed today.

Raindrops on Roses - Tropicana Rose Bud - Drops on Leaves - Rainy SaturdayRaindrops make for some good pictures of roses. Here is one of my Tropicana buds. The buds are slowly opening and I am resigned to missing them when they do open. I will be gone for the next week and my house sitter will get to see them open.

Raindrops on Roses - Rose Leaves - Raindrops - Blooming RosesI though this was an interesting picture. One group of leaves with raindrops is in focus in the foreground and the rest of the picture is out of focus.

I really like the way that the raindrops bead on the rose leaves.

I really should have been in the house packing. The Packing Formula is a bit more difficult on this trip as the type of clothes I need to wear is a little more diverse. Luckily the trip is a bit shorter than usual, so everything will fit in the suitcase.

St. Patrick Rose - Raindrops on Roses - Yellow RosesHow about some raindrops on roses? I really like my St. Patrick blooms with raindrops on them. They are beautiful.

St. Patrick Hybrid Tea - Rose Bud - Rain on Roses - March Roses - Yellow Roses - Green RosesHere is one more picture from the St. Patrick rose bush. Here we have a bud that is slowly opening. I posted an earlier picture of this rose bud on my Mother’s Facebook page today for her Birthday. I had a lot of comments and likes from her friends.

What else today? My TV that I have had for about 12 years died today. It had been acting up, but finally went ‘Poof” today. I heard parts falling inside of the TV. Now it is time to finally buy something HD. It is interesting that I can buy something with a larger screen than I have now for about a third of the cost. The biggest problem will be getting the heavy old TV out of the alcove.

The new movie Noah has been in the news and all over social media this weekend. Think twice before going to see this movie.

Here  is a link to a good review by Brad Harrub: Noah Movie Sinks

Now would also be a good time to read chapters 6-9 of Genesis so that you know the facts when your friends want to talk about the movie.

Now to finish packing and get some sleep.


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1 Response to Rainy Saturday

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    It’s never good to hear things falling inside your TV, ha. Isn’t it amazing how cheap they are now? They keep getting skinnier too…….I wish I was LOL.

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