How Upsetting? II

The second full round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament is now over and the upsets have continued. Unfortunately, three of the upsets today were of my favorite teams.

So, how upsetting has the tournament been?

After the first full round I posted about my way of quantifying how upsetting the tournament is in my post: How Upsetting?

2013 NCAA Upset Stats - Bracket Points - NCAA Basketball Tournament - The Big DanceHere is a screen shot from my database for the stats from last year. You can look at my post Most Upsetting Tournament? for more details on how I calculate Bracket Points (BP) and Upset Factor (UF).

Last year tied with 1986 as the most upsetting tournament based on UF.

1986 was the year that LSU made it to the Final Four as an 11 seed.

2014 NCAA 2nd Round - Upset Factor - Bracket Points - How Upsetting - Basketball bracketsHere are the BP and UF stats through the second full round of the tournament this year.

The BP for the second round was 20, which meant that 10 of the 16 games followed the seeding of the tournament. Six games were won by a team that was less than a 4 seed, but not all six games were upsets. Tennessee beating Mercer was not an upset as the higher seeded team won the game.

Last year after the second round the UF was 89 and this year the UF is only 77.

The BP after the second round is the same as last year, but the points left on the table are a bit less with only two 2 seeds left in the tournament instead of three from last year.

Gary Thompson - Iowa State - Basketball Player - Big 7 - Broadcaster - "Go with Gary"Only one of my favorites is left in the tournament. I hope that Iowa State continues to play well despite losing one of their top players in the first round. They are the higher seed in the next round, so I hope that they do not contribute to the UF.

Will the upsets continue?

Will this be one of the most upsetting tournaments?

Keep tuned……


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3 Responses to How Upsetting? II

  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    Thanks for the stats!!

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