Old-Time Photography IV

Old-Time Photography

Tonight I was looking through a set of family pictures and ran across one that fit in as a logical progression in my Old-Time Photography series.

In my last Old-Time Photography post I wrote about photo booth pictures that my Grandpa and Grandma took while they were dating.

Grandpa - Photo Booth Picture - Photomaton - 1930's Photo Booth Picture - Old-time PhotographyGrandma - Photo Booth Picture - 1930's Photo Booth Pictures - Old-Time Photography

For larger photo booth pictures visit my post: Old-Time Photography III

Love at the Farm - Engagement Picture - Grandma and Grandpa with Dogs - Farm PictureThe picture above was taken in about 1938 just after my Grandpa and Grandma were engaged. They are at their farm near Coin, Iowa and are posing with their two dogs. My Grandpa worked at the farm as a hired hand before they were married.

The picture makes me think of the 1930’s and the Dust Bowl years. Iowa was not considered one of the Dust Bowl states, but they were drought stricken during most of the the 1930’s. The drought lifted in 1939, so this would have been at one of the worst times of the drought.

Love at the Farm - Engagement Picture - Grandma and Grandpa with Dogs - Farm PictureHere is a closer view of the picture. I find it interesting that there are two hats in the picture. Perhaps they were both wearing hats and took them off for the picture.

I really like the two dogs. They are so beautiful. They also make me think of the big white dog my Grandparents had when I was growing up.

I am imagining what this picture would look like in color. My Grandma had beautiful red hair. However, I really like this picture in the sepia tones.

Cousins playing Poker - Old-Time PhotographyYou may also enjoy the first two posts in my Old-Time Photography series.

Old-Time Photography featured a picture that I captioned: Cousins Playing Poker

Ramsey Cousins - Old-Time PhotographyThe next post in the series featured the same cousins in a more traditional pose.

Old-Time Photography II featured a picture that I captioned: Ramsey Cousins

My Grandma’s mother is one of the Ramsey cousins in the previous posts. Visit the posts for more details.


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4 Responses to Old-Time Photography IV

  1. chmjr2 says:

    I enjoy looking at these old photographs. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Boomdeeadda says:

    They really do look so very young, how awesome to have such a gorgeous photo. Has it been restored or did you get it in great condition. I like a woman whole take time to put on a pretty blouse and then sit on a road with her dog. That’d be me too. Clearly they both loved animals. That dog is right up in your Grandmas lap and the other sweet dog much be getting scratched by your Grandpa. His eyes are closed like he’s loving it.

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