Classic Candle Cards

Tonight I am continuing my series on Classic Holiday Cards.

The cards below come from a scrapbook that my Grandma put together in 1960.

The theme for this post is candles.

Candle in Wreath - Classic Christmas Card - Holiday Wreath and Candle - Christmas - Peppermint Bow

I like this classic card. The simple white candle surrounded by a beautiful wreath. I also like the Peppermint striped bow.

The background of the card is fuzzy and has a nice texture as well.

Classic Christmas Card - Three Red Candles - Candles and Wreath - Red Candles - Holiday Cards Now for three red candles and a little bit of greenery. I like the pattern in the background.

Unfortunately I cannot transmit the texture of the card to you through this post. I really like the feel of this card. The different features of the card are layered onto the background. The layers are not real thick, but it has the feeling that they are painted and not just printed.

Red Candle on Black Background - Classic Christmas Card - Holiday Card - Red Candle This card also caught my eye. The red candle really stands out against the black background. The pine needles also give a nice contrast.

Last year I also shared some cards in my Classic Christmas Cards post.

What is your favorite theme for a Christmas card?


Ankerstein - Anker Building - Anker Church - Blocks

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7 Responses to Classic Candle Cards

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    Wow, 1960! I wasn’t even here yet. The world was a quieter place, LOL. Hey, have you seen those battery operated candles with a flickering flame? I think they’re great around flammable Christmas decor. I’ve always worried since our previous house was Cedar and we were far far away from the volunteer Fire Dept station.

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