Black Cat Sunset

A short post tonight as it has been a long day. I am definitely allergic to something here in Missouri and we were up late last night preparing things for the big party.

On our way here from the airport we stopped for a pit stop and I captured a few interesting pictures.

Black cat fireworks - sunset - Missouri - signs

The first is of the sun setting behind a Black Cat Fireworks sign. You see many fireworks stores along the highways in Missouri. They are allowed to sell them almost all year round, so they have permanent stores.

Black Cat Fireworks - sign - silhouettes - Missouri - discounts

Here is a closer view of the sign taken with enough light to see the Black Cat logo a bit better.

Missouri sunset - sunset - colorful sky - highway into sunset

We were soon back on the road and I decided to take a picture of the sky ahead, We were headed east, but there was still beautiful color in the sky.

You don’t always have to be facing west to get a good sunset picture.


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5 Responses to Black Cat Sunset

  1. Tim Snyder says:

    My family spent 5 days in Kansas city.lots to see and we enjoyed traveling around the area.ww1 museum.Truman museum.steam ship Arabia.
    Wonderful state to visit and even the airline screeners were nice.

  2. Mike Gerstley says:

    So, Steven. I too am on the quest for Home Pride Bread, specifically white bread. I live in San Jose and am continually visiting the bread aisles of every grocery store I go inside of. Nothing yet. But I have read that Home Pride is now available in SoCal. Do you know about this. Write me back, if you so desire, at the following
    Thanks, Mike

  3. I love the light of the sun in these pictures. It can be magical but so elusive to capture. Lovely photos, Steven.

  4. Glenda McDougal says:

    Fantastic sunset in first photo!!

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