Flowers at a Farm

This post is a follow up to my Sunday post: A Wedding at a Farm

Last weekend I was down the coast of California for my cousin’s wedding. The ceremony was held in the beautiful Gardens at Peacock Farms.

Tonight I decided to share a few of the flower pictures that I took.

Lily Pads - Lily - Pink Lily - Koi Pond with lily pads - Nymphaeaceae

Here we have a beautiful water lily in the Koi Pond along with several lily pads. I really like the hydrophobic properties of the lily pads. You can really see how the water balls up on top of the lily pads.

Purple Daisies - Bee in flower center - Pollination - Honey Bee

Here we have a little bee pollinating a purple daisy. I really like the color of these daisies.

Yellow Rose - Rose Gardens - Peacock Farms - Arroyo Grande, California - Sun and Shadow

They had some really nice rose gardens and I took a lot of pictures of roses. This was one of my favorites. I think by now most of you know that yellow is my favorite color for roses.

I like this one because part of the bloom is in the sun and part is in the shade. I really like the contrast and also the very crisp look to the petals.

Wedding Flowers - Boquet of flowers - Flowers in Mason jar - Canning Jar - Ball jar

At the end of each row of chairs they had a nice bouquet of flowers in a Mason jar. I noticed in the picture that this one was made by Ball. I then started thinking about whether Mason was a brand name also. My wandering mind soon found out that Mason jar is a generic term for canning jars and that the name comes from the inventor, John Landis Mason. The two main brands in the US today are Ball and Kerr which are owned by the same company. For my Canadian friends, the same company also owns the Bernardin brand. My blogsenses are tingling and I am thinking that someday there may be a post coming about canning jars.

Rose Petals in Fountain - Rose Petals in Water - Fountain at Peacock Farms - Arroyo Grande - Wedding Venue

One last picture to close out the post. They have a beautiful multi-level fountain in the gardens. I really liked the rose petals floating in the water. If you look closely you can also see the water dripping down from the upper level. I am thinking how beautiful it would be in my back yard. Maybe someday I will add a fountain.

I hope you enjoyed the flowers.


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3 Responses to Flowers at a Farm

  1. Sheryl says:

    The flowers are lovely. What a beautiful setting for a wedding!

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    Beautiful …

  3. Great photos — I couldn’t help noticing how artistically each is cropped. Just lovely.

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