Summer Camp

Summer is almost over and many of my friends have either gone to summer camp or sent their kids there.

Of course, I got to hear all about how uncomfortable the beds were, how hard it was to sleep with the air conditioner running all night in the cabin, or how dirty it was.

Tonight we take a look at what Bible Camp was like when my Mom was in High School.

Camp in Iowa, 1950's Camp, Large Tent, Cots, Humid Summers

Can you imagine sleeping in this tent on a hot humid Iowa summer night? If you look closely you can see the cots.

Camp in Iowa - Bible Camp - Cots - Dresses - Hot Summer Camping - Big Tent

This picture is from a different camp, but you can see that the conditions are the same. Look at the long line of cots. If you look closely you can see a flashlight on the first cot. What is really neat here is the long line of dresses hanging the full length of the tent. The girls wanted to look nice for the guys. Contrast that with what kids wear to camp today.

Bible Camp in Iowa - Kamp Keoma - Bible Class at camp - Old Time Bible Camp

After a good night 🙂 of sleep and a good breakfast it was time for Bible classes. All the campers have their Bibles out ready to study and learn.

Bible Camp in Iowa - Kamp Keoma - Bible Class at camp - Old Time Bible Camp

Here we have some of the younger campers. They have found a nice shady place for their class.

Lunch Time at Camp - Bible Camp in Iowa - Kamp Keoma - Old Time Bible Camp

After Bible classes and chapel in the morning it was time for a nice lunch prepared by the camp cooks.

Doing Dishes at Camp - Bible Camp in Iowa - Kamp Keoma - Old Time Bible Camp

Of course after lunch it was time to do the dishes. A typical camp would divide up into four tribes. The tribes would rotate through kitchen duty to spread out the work. The tribes would also compete against each other in Bible drills, sports and other activities.

Playing Baseball - Softball - Sports at Bible Camp -Bible Camp in Iowa - Kamp Keoma - Old Time Bible Camp - batter Up

Afternoon was usually time for sports. Baseball/Softball and Volleyball were common afternoon sports. When I went to camp 20 years later, we would play Softball and Volleyball each afternoon. It didn’t change much 🙂

In the evening it was time for more activities and another message from the Bible. Then off to bed to rest up for another exciting day of camp.

What was camp like when you were a kid?


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6 Responses to Summer Camp

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    What fun pictures! I love all the dresses the girls were wearing, so stylish for camping. I only went to camp once as a kid. It was a Girl Guide camp and it was raining most of the weekend unfortunately. We actually stayed in tents very similar but had no cot. we had a 1″ foam and a sleeping bag….now that’s roughing it, LOL

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    I never went to camp. My sister did and the first day there she sprained her ankle and walked on crutches the rest of the week. A bummer.

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