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While reading Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino I ran across an interesting passage. To me, the passage encapsulates what archaeology is about.

…sometimes different cities follow one another on the same site and under the same name, born and dying without knowing one another, without communication among themselves. At times even the names of the inhabitants remain the same, and their voices’ accent, and also the features of the faces; but the gods who live beneath names and above places have gone off without a word and outsiders have settled in their place.

The passage also started my mind wandering toward some of the recent books that I have acquired.

I am slowly building a collection of books about archaeology.

Aerial Atlas of the Holy Land - John Bowker - Sonia Halliday - Bryan Knox - Photography - Archaeology - St. George's Monastery - Wadi Qilt

This first book, Aerial Atlas of the Holy Land by John Bowker, has some great pictures of the Holy Land. Including many sites that I visited last year on my trip to Israel and Palestine.

The cover picture is a place that I would like to visit sometime. This is St. George’s Monastery at Wadi Qilt.

Archaeology of Ancient Israel - Amnon Ben-Tor - Archaeology - Hazor - Israel - Palestine

I am sure that some of my followers will recognize the tel that is shown on the cover of The Archaeology of Ancient Israel that was edited by Amnon Ben-Tor.

I don’t have a nice aerial picture like this, but I have written a few posts that include pictures from Tel-Hazor: North of Galilee, Hazor Lizard and Conquest and Division

Masada - Yigael Yadin - Jewish Zealots - Roman Conquest - Archaeology

I am planning on digging into this book soon. I have visited Masada, but would like to read a lot more about it. I also would like to visit Masada again after reading the book.

Masada by Yigael Yadin was written before I was born, but a quick skim through the pages shows that it has detailed information about the excavations that were made in the early ’60s. There are also many photos to help bring back memories of my visit.

I have written several posts that mention Masada, but the best one to look at would be: Well Below Sea Level

Ancient Greece from the Air - Raymond V. Schoeder S.J. - Theatre at Epidaurus - Archaeology - Ruins - Greece

The cover of this book, Ancient Greece from the Air by Raymond V. Schoder S.J., caught my eye during a recent visit to the book sale at our local library. I am sure that it will be well worth the dollar I spent on it.

I have flipped through the pages and it is full of wonderful color pictures, and the engineer in me really likes the ground plans that are included. I have not visited Greece, but perhaps this book will have me adding it to my bucket list.

Which of these books would you read first?





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2 Responses to Archaeology Quote

  1. So I gather from the tone of this post, you are entering the mindset of participating in a dig soon (as posed in comments on another blog, not too long ago 🙂

    • vanbraman says:

      I think it will all depend on timing, but that is where I am leaning now 😉 When are the other options and do they interfere with other plans will be the big deciding factor.

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