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Black Cat Sunset

A short post tonight as it has been a long day. I am definitely allergic to something here in Missouri and we were up late last night preparing things for the big party.

On our way here from the airport we stopped for a pit stop and I captured a few interesting pictures.

Black cat fireworks - sunset - Missouri - signs

The first is of the sun setting behind a Black Cat Fireworks sign. You see many fireworks stores along the highways in Missouri. They are allowed to sell them almost all year round, so they have permanent stores.

Black Cat Fireworks - sign - silhouettes - Missouri - discounts

Here is a closer view of the sign taken with enough light to see the Black Cat logo a bit better.

Missouri sunset - sunset - colorful sky - highway into sunset

We were soon back on the road and I decided to take a picture of the sky ahead, We were headed east, but there was still beautiful color in the sky.

You don’t always have to be facing west to get a good sunset picture.


Home Pride Update XXXIX – More Vacation Bread

A couple months ago I wrote a post in my Home Pride Update series while on vacation in Nebraska. In Vacation Bread I covered some of the local bread offerings in Omaha.

This weekend I am in Missouri for the celebration of my parents’ 50th Anniversary.

I decided to check out what breads are available here, but not back home.

We were at Wal-Mart today doing some shopping for the anniversary lunch on Sunday, and of course I headed to the bread aisle.

Bunny Bread - Bunny Sandwich - Bunny Whole Grain Wheat - Home Pride Replacement - Bread Aisle

They had a lot of interesting breads to look at. They had a variety of Bunny brand bread choices. Above you see Bunny Whole Grain White and Bunny Sandwich. I really like the colorful packaging.

Bunny Soft Twist - Sunbeam White - Bread Choices - Home Pride Replacement - Bread Aisle

Another Bunny choice was Soft-Twist bread. It had an interesting look to it. There were also two Sunbeam choices. The first is above and is Sunbeam White bread. I have always liked the Sunbeam logo with the little girl eating bread.

Sunbeam King Bread - Sunbeam Bread - Bread Aisle - Girl Eating Bread - Home Pride Replacement - Bread Aisle

The other Sunbeam choice was Sunbeam King. I thought that there was another Sunbeam variety, but on closer inspection found an interesting variety of bread.

Mary Jane and Friends Bread - Flowers Foods - Giant Bread - Bread Aisle

I had never heard of Mary Jane and Friends bread. Above is the Giant variety. I did find out that Mary Jane and Friends is owned and distributed by Flowers Foods and is one of their regional brands.

Even though I have made the choice of a temporary replacement bread for Home Pride Wheat Bread, I decided that I should try one of the choices available to me here in Missouri.

Bunny Honey Wheat Bread - Bunny 1/2 Soft Loaf - Home Pride Replacement? - Bread Quest - Bread Aisle - Flowers Foods

I decided to go with the Bunny Honey Wheat for my test here in Missouri. I have had my first piece of bread from the loaf, and it is a good bread. I did not have any doubts that it would be good as Bunny is also a regional brand of Flowers Foods.

Another interesting loaf of bread was the Bunny 1/2 Soft-Loaf pictured with the Honey Wheat above. The bread was just that. A half loaf of bread. I sometime wish that I could buy only half a loaf of bread. Especially if I am about to go on a trip and can’t use a full loaf before I leave. My freezer sometimes fills up with partial loaves 🙂

I did make a quick check of my news sources and didn’t see anything new about the return of Home Pride Bread. For the latest, see my post about Flowers Foods’ latest conference call.