A New Cousin

The eyes of the world turned toward London today waiting on the birth of the new royal baby.

What many people don’t know is that the new royal baby has American ancestry and many American cousins. See below for my connections.

American Ancestors and Cousins of the Princess of Wales - Gary Boyd Roberts - Genealogy - Prince William - Dutchess Kate

Princess Diana’s great-grandmother Frances Eleanor Work was born in New York City in 1857. Frances Work had significant New England ancestry through her great-grandfather Dr. Joseph Strong.

Gary Boyd Roberts in his book American Ancestors and Cousins of the Princess of Wales, estimated that 20-30 million Americans were distantly related to the Princess of Wales.

The new son of Prince William and Kate is 1/32 American in his ancestry.

Looking at the images today of people gathering outside of Buckingham Palace brought back memories of visiting there back in 2000.

Buckingham Palace - Prince William and Kate - Royal Baby - Genealogy

I remember the camera I took this picture with. It was my first digital camera and the pictures were saved on a floppy disk. Technology has changed a bit. In this picture it is a pretty quiet day at the palace. Today was totally different as large crowds were there hoping to get a glimpse of the official announcement of the birth.

Buckingham Palace Fountain - Prince William - Kate Middleton - Royal Baby - American Ancestors of Royal Family - Genealogy

This large fountain outside of the palace was lost in a sea of people in pictures I have seen today.

Oh, back to the American ancestry of the new prince.

I share two sets of American ancestors with Prince William.

Henry and Elizabeth Woodward of Northampton, Massachusetts immigrated from England to Boston in 1635. I descend from the Woodwards through my Father.

Robert and Martha Parke of Mystic, Connecticut immigrated from England to Boston in 1630 with the John Winthrop group. I descend from the Parkes through my Mother.

In a previous post I explored the Parke ancestry of George Gallup along with several other participants in the 1948 election where Truman defeated Dewey. You can read the post by clicking on: Gallup Poll Connection II – Parke

As you can see this makes us very distant cousins. To be more precise, 9th cousins through the Parke family and 11th cousins through the Woodward family.  As stated above, many Americans have similar connections. Roberts explored the connections of more than 500 notable Americans to Princess Diana in his book.

Finding interesting family connections is one of the fun things about genealogy research. Even if they are very distant 🙂

Congratulations to the Prince William and Duchess Catherine on the birth of their new son.


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