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West Lake

Tonight my post will be brief as my thoughts are a bit muddled with jet-lag.

I have started a sentence at least four times and can’t quite decide what to write next :-). So here goes even if it doesn’t look quite right to me.

In my post yesterday, Almost Back,  I had a picture of the speed indicator on the train we were riding on. We took the high speed train from Shanghai. It was quite an adventure in itself, and I may touch on it in a later post.

So, where were we headed on the high speed train? We went to Hangzhou, which is an hour to the southwest of Shanghai by train.

In Hangzhou, we visited West Lake which has a very rich history. We were only able to visit a small portion of the area and someday I would like to go back and spend several days there.

This evening I will share four of my favorite pictures. You will not get a bunch of history or details, but I do plan more posts in the future after I have had some time for additional research. Tonight’s post is simply about beauty.

West Lake - Hangzhou, China - Old Bridge - Reflection - China Tourism

This was one of the first pictures that I took after we arrived at West Lake. I really love the architecture of the bridge and the reflection in the water. Also the beautiful trees and foliage on the banks of the stream. The people crossing the bridge also add an interesting touch to the picture, especially the woman carrying the umbrella. There were many people carrying umbrellas to shade themselves from the sun.

Violet Flowers - Flower Centers - bee on flower - Hangzhou - West Lake - Chinese Flowers

There were also many flowers around the lake, including these tiny little blooms. I really like the color of these flowers, and also the little bee that is at the center of the top one. You may see this picture again in one of my Flower Center posts.

West Lake - Hangzhou - Island - Ancient Capital - Chinese ruins - Foliage

On one of the islands in the lake there are ruins of an older palace complex. Many different Chinese dynasties built palaces, pagodas and temples at West Lake.

West Lake - Hangzhou, China - House Boat - Mountains - Islands - Chinese Culture

Of course, a post about West Lake would not be complete without a picture of the lake. Although this picture is quite small it shows several important features of the lake. The lake is surrounded by mountains on three sides and you can see them in the background in this picture. You can also see one of the artificial islands in the lake. Very faintly on the left side of the picture you can see a pagoda in the distance. Finally, you see one of the very ornate houseboats that ply the waters of the lake. I really like the golden roof of the houseboat.

The day was very muggy and hot and near the end of our time at the lake it started to rain. I think that the best time to visit the lake is probably in the spring or fall and not at the beginning of summer :-).

I hope that you enjoyed the pictures of West Lake.


Almost Back

My hiatus is coming to an end. I will be flying home to the US tomorrow afternoon, and will arrive tomorrow morning.


I will be flying home about three times faster than the train that I took today. We were only going a little less than 200 mph on the train. Travel by high speed rail is wonderful, too bad the US is so far behind other countries.

In the next week you can look forward to pictures and stories from my trip. Of course my mind will wander other places as well next week, including my bread quest. In Hostess related news, I am sure that everyone has heard that Twinkies should be back on the shelves by July 15.