Yellow Flowers

A quick post today as I am decompressing after teaching an eight day course. I was looking through pictures trying to find something that caught my eye. I found two pictures, one close to home and one from half-way around the world.

The first picture was taken just down the street from my house.

Yellow Daisies - Flowers

Yellow Daisies

These beautiful daisies caught my eye when I was out for a walk and I just had to stop and take a picture. I thought about trying to determine exactly what species of daisy these were. But, decided that it might be a daunting task as there are more than 23,000 species in the Asteraceae family. I decided that it is best in this case to just enjoy these beautiful yellow daisies :-).

The second picture was taken near Bangalore, India.

Canna Indica - Yellow Flower - India

Canna Indica

This beautiful Canna indica was growing in one of the gardens surrounding the hotel where I was staying while conducting training for our engineers in India. There are several varieties of Canna indica, I think that this one is Canna indica maculata cannaceae. I really like the contrast between the yellow and red in this bloom. I really enjoyed walking through the garden each day and enjoying these beautiful flowers. One of the things that I always enjoy when visiting India is the vibrant colors, not only in nature but also in the clothes that the people wear. Seeing this flower brings back many memories of my trips to India.

I hope you enjoy these yellow blooms. What is your favorite yellow flower? I may have a picture of one to share with you.


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3 Responses to Yellow Flowers

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    How spectacular was it to travel to India? Daisy’s have a place in my heart since my best friend growing up had a Basset hound named Daisy. We just loved her. Thanks for making me think back, with a smile. Have a nice weekend!

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    Both are beautiful, cheerful flowers!!! What interesting travels you have. One of my favorite flowers is the clementis. Thanks!!

  3. vanbraman says:

    I will look and see if I have pictures of clementis blooms when I get back from vacation.

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