Lucky Moose Food Mart

I like to visit Asian food markets. They have such a great variety of food items and usually have a great selection of vegetables. In Toronto’s Chinatown I found this great market.

Lucky Moose Food Mart


I was with my friend John, and his kids wanted to check out the drink selection. While they were choosing from the many different favors of Asian soda, we explored the rest of the store. The shelves were full of interesting selections of food from around the world and they also had a great fresh meat and seafood department. The vegetable selection was also great and my eye caught another interesting sign. Did you know that you could buy corns? Of course corn is one of those unique words in English that is not made into a plural by adding an ‘s’. Why do we make it so difficult :-).


The kids finally made their drink selections and came away with a couple bottles of Starbucks.

We then took some great pictures of wall murals which may be posted in the future.


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